Notice of Dissolution

On March 22, 2017, the Association for College & University Technology Advancement (originally known as the Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators) Board of Directors voted to dissolve the association effective March 23, 2017 at 5pm ET.

For 46 years, ACUTA has promoted knowledge sharing and collaboration among higher education professionals responsible for telecommunication systems. While the central goal of the association has been a critical element of the association for the last 46 years, the business model to operate the association for almost 30 years is no longer sustainable. For this reason, the Board of Directors felt it was in the best interest of the association to dissolve.


Dissolution Task Force

Overseeing the dissolution of the association, a Task Force was established, made of current Board of Directors.

The Task Force will oversee the discharge of employees, assets, and local, state, and federal filing requirements. The Task Force is also working to assist members in finding alternative associations that can continue promoting collaboration on higher education challenges associated with telecommunications, network, and infrastructures.

Direct Inquires to:

ACUTA Dissolution Task Force

P.O. Box 9272

College Station, Texas 77842